About me

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Hey, my name is Jonathan Krause — I would call myself a front-end developer (you know those job titles). I am currently living in Berlin, Germany, working full-time as a Front-end Engineer. I am a passionate web developer, believing in Unix philosophy form- and function-wise. I love effective and fast user interfaces that bring real value to people. I appreciate logical, user-centered design approaches. Therefore I strive to use technologies and methodologies that deliver the best possible user experience, trying to concentrate on simple, focused and concise development.

I like tinkering with front-end performance, the latest HTML, CSS and especially JavaScript stuff. To complete the story, I want to mention that I have a degree in application development and in the past used to work in the more enterprise-oriented business. Besides that I love dogs, nature, riding motorbikes and enjoy people that take themselves not too seriously.

This is version three of my website. You can also have a look back at version one and version two, if interested. With version three I forced myself to write English to improve my language skills. So there are german as well as english posts on this blog.

Feel free to send me a tweet or just drop me an email whenever you want. You can find me also on Github and occasionally on Xing or LinkedIn.


This site is built on Express.js and React and is the outcome of experimenting with Node.js. Implementation can be found on Github.